New Primer on Securing the IoT

By 2020, the world will have over 20 billion connected devices. With this growth, there is a critical need to ramp up the security of “things” and the data they create.

“Too often, security is an afterthought in emerging markets experiencing rapid growth, like the IoT, that are lacking strong standards and regulations,” said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance. “As the number of connected devices continues to rapidly increase, the need for security solutions is urgent.”

To guide the industry, the Smart Card Alliance’s Internet of Things Security Council put together a high-level educational resource, “Embedded Hardware Security for IoT Applications,” outlining the security value of embedded hardware technology in end devices used in IoT applications.

Photo by maxkabakov/iStock / Getty Images

“This white paper provides a primer to embedded security technology for securing IoT ecosystems, and is the first in the Smart Card Alliance’s series of efforts to provide usable guidance and education for this market,” Vanderhoof added.

Be sure to read the whole white paper here.