Tech Expert Ben Dickson on a More Secure IoT Infrastructure

The things that make the Internet of Things (IoT) so great – the ability to connect, automated data sharing, the increasing number of connected devices, the endless opportunities for innovation – are also the things that make IoT vulnerable.

That’s the view of Ben Dickson (tech writer and contributor to pubs including TechCrunch and The Next Web), who digs into some of these areas that need security in his Tech Talks blog:

Network Connectivity: “Since IoT devices are always online, every single one of them can become an attack vector and a point of infiltration for hackers.”

Updating Mechanisms: “Every piece of software installed or embedded on IoT devices will eventually be found to have flaws that need to be fixed.”

Device Isolation Across the Network: “Often breaking into one device will allow you to compromise other devices sharing the same network… when attackers find their way into a single device, they move laterally across the network and propagate their damage across other devices.”

Remote Interfaces: “Since IoT devices are set up once and then forgotten, most users will not bother to change the administrative credentials that allow access to devices’ settings interfaces.”

Data Transfer: “IoT devices are no different from websites: Not taking data transfer security seriously can lead to a host of dangerous attacks.”

You can read Dickson’s full article on IoT security here.