Will there be an IoT Zombie Apocalypse?


IoT technology can be transforming in the best of ways. But with the excitement of new IoT products and devices, it is crucial to consider the security of these devices a top priority to avoid a potential IoT disaster.

Photo by Renphoto/iStock / Getty Images

Infineon, a Secure Technology Alliance member organization, is a leader in semiconductor solutions, with the company’s products found in almost every electronic device from cars and trucks to computers or satellites. Steve Hanna, Infineon’s senior principal, spoke with IoT Evolution World about securing the IoT to avoid such a scenario in advance of his presentation at the upcoming IoT Security 4.0 Conference in Orlando later this month.

Some of Hanna’s key observations:

  • The three primary security approaches IoT device suppliers and their customers use today are authentication, secured communication, and secured updates
  • While established cyberattack techniques could be used to compromise IoT systems and achieve impacts in the physical world, further research efforts demonstrated that most IoT systems are much more vulnerable to cyberattacks than IT systems
  • While the costs of including IoT security can be broken down into R&D costs and product costs, the costs of omitting IoT security are less certain. When an attack takes place, costs may include damage to the brand and reputation as well as costs to repair the problem
  • Savvy device makers are now making IoT security a product feature to be promoted, thus elevating their product above their competitors and increasing their customer’s perceived value

The interview is full of interesting statistics, examples and includes how both major companies, such as Google, and governmental entities, are educating and assuring consumers about IoT security.      

Read the entire interview here.